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Drill for the first four tunes OF THE 2011 "Carmina Burana" show can now be downloaded.  Instructions for this can be found on the Downloads page.

Note - if asked for a username and password, the username = "mansfield band" and the password = "muband".

You will need to download COORDINATE CHARTS for the following:

  1. 2011 FORTUNA OPENER 8.11.3dz
  2. 2 ECCE GRATUM 2.3dz
  3. 3 TANS AUG DEM ANGER 3.3dz

Specifically, you will need COORDINATE CHARTS for the OPENER (number 1 above) for rehearsal on Sunday, August 21.  Full Drill Charts are also available for each tune on the Download page here (feel free to print these out if you would like), but you will also need to print out COORDINATE CHARTS for each tune using the instruction found under "Drill Download Instructions."

Drill for the final two tunes will be posted as it becomes available.


UPDATED 8/11/11

Music can be found by selecting "Downloads" above.  Most of  last year's music has been removed now, but there are several in the stands tunes that we plan to use again and a parade tune as well.  New 2011 season music is up for all instruments and staff scores are also present with MP3 file samples.  THE PROBLEM WITH THE FOURTH TUNE "Were die Werlte Alle Mein" has not been corrected!  The fourth and sixth tunes come up as the same piece.  Therefore, we will print the fourth tune and have it for all members at camp.

NOTE:  Tenor Sax and Baritone Treble Clef are the same parts.  

NOTE TO ALL:  The second tune, Ecce Gratum, has been revised regarding repeats and the location and length of the second ending.  You may check the score to find this revision and correct your parts, or just wait until camp and we will remind you there as well.

Some of the "in the stands tunes" were copied and loaded last year in with two instruments on one part.  Please glance through all instrument folders to see if you have a tune in some other instrument folder (e.g. often flute and clarinet parts are on the same PDF file).  The Hey Song, Land of 1000 Dances, Wooly Booly, and Back In Black will be used in the stands.  These in the stands tunes do not need to be memorized.

Pit Percusion will have to download all music until parts are assigned after auditions.  Battery percussion should download their top choice of instrument but be prepared to have to download other music if you are assigned to another instrument through auditons.

Drill Instructions will also posted in August before band camp.  All members (except pit) must follow these instructions and download your drill.  Section leaders can download drill charts and scores.  
All members:  Please be sure to come to camp with music and drill sheets printed!  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARRIVE TO PRINT MUSIC AND DRILL!!!!!!!